Green Key Haven

Chiropractic & Bodywork


We believe, when given the correct conditions, a body can heal itself. At Green Key Haven we facilitate patients creating an environment in the body for healing through SOT® Chiropractic and The Gillespie Approach bodywork. Healing is a process, not an event. Each individual is different and requires their own approach to care.

Jake Chambers 

Doctor of Chiropractic

Jake Chambers 

Doctor of Chiropractic

Jake is a Doctor of Chiropractic. He is skilled in Sacro Occipital Technic™, Chiropractic Manipulative Reflex Technique (CMRT™), traditional chiropractic adjustments and SOT® Methods craniopathy. He is trained in fascial bodywork for all ages. 

Jake's philosophy in chiropractic is getting to the root of the problem, correcting it and allowing the body to heal itself. Jake a member of Sacro Occipital Research Society International (SORSI).

Jordan Chambers 

Licensed Massage Therapist

Jordan is a Licensed Massage Therapist trained in Fascial Bodywork for ALL ages. 

After giving birth to her second child, she pursued her path to help other families with fussy babies.


Jordan specializes in treating infants and seeing

babies become happy, healthy and thriving!

She is only taking new infant patients at this time. 



“We are forever grateful to Green Key Haven, they not only gave us a new baby, but a new family dynamic. It has changed our life, and that is not an overstatement.”

— Carly S.