small device
big impact

why use a munchee?

Healthy teeth and gums

Jaw health and development

Lip and tongue strength

Promotes nasal breathing

size chart


18 mo - 4 yrs

9 - 18 mo
Myo Small
(with or without handle)
4 - 8 yrs

small to medium build

canine width 30-35mm
Myo Medium

8 yrs - adult

youth to adult female

canine width 35-40mm
Myo Large

14 yrs - adult

large teen males, adult males and females with broad skeletal structure

canine width 40-45mm

Age and/or body type is your best guide to sizing a Munchee, however there are many variables including low tone, underdeveloped or oral sensory issues that mean it may be best to start with the smaller size and progress to the next size as the child becomes more comfortable.

If in doubt it is always best to start smaller, have the child enjoy the experience and work your way up to the next size.

Order Request

We will be placing a group order on Saturday December 4, 2021

Any requests submitted after midnight on Friday will be fulfilled in our next group order.

All munchee sizes are $80 + tax due at time of pickup.


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