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welcome + intake


With each new patient we take time to review health history, answer any questions about the techniques and hear your wellness goals prior to your session.

gillespie approach bodywork

Also known as craniosacral fascial therapy, The Gillespie Approach is a blend of craniosacral therapy and myofascial release developed and pioneered by Dr. Barry Gillespie.

This technique works to unwind tension and trauma in the fascial web allowing the cerebrospinal fluid to flow unimpeded. 

SOT® chiropractic


Developed through 50+ years of study by Dr. Major Bertrand DeJarnette, Sacro Occipital Technic™ focuses on pelvic stability and flow of cerebrospinal fluid for optimizing health. 

It uses a system of analysis to treat each patient as an individual. Appointments are thorough and often involve craniopathy as well as organ work.